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Nancy Sinatra shares a moment with her father’s third wife actress Mia Farrow during a break at a recording studio, 1967.

@ronanfarrow: Beer, chips, and guac from the great @sethmeyers and the classy @latenightseth team. Psyched for your show. Break a leg.

@miafarrow: things turn up around this house


Mad magazine lampoons Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, The Beatles and Mia Farrow, 1968. The Indian-style writing round the border reads “Swami, how I love ya, how I love ya, my dear old swami” over and over.


Filming Rosemary’s baby: Roman Polanski & Mia Farrow.
photos by Jerry Schatzberg



Mia Farrow with Maureen and Ringo in Church Square, Shepperton, photographed by Henry Grossman in early May 1968.

Top photo: Ringo borrowed one of Henry Grossman’s camera’s to shoot a photo of Maureen and Mia Farrow standing between two unidentified women in Church Square where they dined at a restaurant together. Published in Photoplay magazine, November 1968.

Bottom photo: Mia Farrow and Ringo Starr taking photos of Henry Grossman with two of his cameras as he photographs them in Church Square, Shepperton. From Grossman’s book, Places I Remember - My Time With The Beatles, 2012.

(Note: George Harrison was not present - though he and Pattie joined the group later that evening at Mia Farrow’s home.)


Pattie Boyd And Mia Farrow, Rishikesh, 1968.

Mia Farrow photographed by Terry O’Neill, 1968

Mia Farrow and Michael Jayston in The Public Eye (1972)

Mia Farrow on the set of Secret Ceremony, 1968


Mia Farrow at the Golden Globes, 1966


Mia Farrow, photographed by David Bailey, 1968.


Mia Farrow with her mother Maureen and her children Moses, Lark, Daisy, Fletcher, and Soon-Yi, early 1980s


Mia Farrow visits Sharon Tate and Dean Martin on the set of The Wrecking Crew (1968)

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